Stafford, TX – Starting January 9, Stafford Municipal School district now streams its Board of Trustee meetings live on the school district website. To watch a live meeting during its regularly scheduled time, residents can visit the school district’s website to view the webcast.

Residents that do not subscribe to cable or that are unable to catch a live broadcast, can now, at their convenience, watch meetings with an internet connection and the click of the mouse. An archive of the meeting is made available from one to three hours after the meeting ended. Archived videos allow end-users to skip through the meeting by clicking on specific agenda topics as an alternative to hitting rewind and fast forward to find the precise item of interest.

“Giving our residents the greatest accessibility to public meetings has been at the forefront of implementing this type of solution,” said Terry Loudenburg, Stafford MSD’s Coordinator for Board and Community Relations. “With Swagit’s streaming video services, Board of Trustee meetings can now be viewed from on-the-go technology, such as Smartphones and Tablet devices.”

Citizens and staff can type an agenda item topic into the search field and the corresponding video clips will be made available for viewing. Meetings will be archived for a minimum of three years and the archives will begin with the first meeting in January 2012.

By utilizing the City of Stafford’s Swagit EASE encoder, Stafford MSD was able to reduce upfront hardware and implementation costs. City of Stafford also broadcasts Stafford MSD’s meetings on their Municipal and Education channel, METV-16.

Most Board Meetings are on the 2nd Monday of the month and are always held in the SMSD Administration Building. Meetings begin at 6:30 pm, with recognitions at 7:00 pm.

Posted on 01/23/2012 by Natascha Ross



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