Swagit is now part of Rock Solid Technologies. Learn more about the acquisition here.

Swagit is now part of Rock Solid Technologies. Learn more about the acquisition here.



Meeting and exceeding all the streaming media needs of government.

Swagit Productions, LLC specializes in providing hands-free video streaming® and broadcast solutions to local, state and federal government agencies as well as other online entities. Streaming media is our specialty and our passion. We focus only on the latest trends, emerging technology and new avenues of distribution — all with one main goal:

Getting your message to reach the largest audience possible.


Spark citizen participation. Improve jurisdiction transparency. Enhance agency technology.

All of this can be easily achieved with products and services provided by Swagit Productions, LLC. We will partner with you to implement the optimal setup for your needs. Look to Swagit for products and services including:


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Tamarac, Florida
“Holy Toledo… This new Avior system is amazing! What a difference!!! Everyone loved it… Thank you, this worked out really well and your deployment guys did a really great job! What a Team… Such pleasure to work with…”
Levent Sucuoglu, Director of Information Technology, City of Tamarac, FL
Worcester County, Maryland
“… our thanks to Swagit for the exceptional quality of their work over this past year. Their recordings have provided a tremendous resource to the Commissioners, staff and the citizens of Worcester County. A wise investment indeed!”
Kelly Shannahan, Worcester County, MD
ACTV Allen City Television, Texas
“There is a reason the City of Allen has been using Swagit services exclusively since 2004, top notch customer service, fast turn around, extremely responsive and high quality control.”
Mark Kaufmann, City of Allen, TX
Waller County, Texas
“I appreciate all of the assistance and patience and understanding that you and your team have provided this year.”
Cindy Jones, Waller County, TX
Casa Grande, Arizona
“In discussing our satisfaction with the Swagit customer support…we can’t say enough positive things! As a new staff here in Casa Grande that took over with zero broadcasting experience, your team was patient with our learning curve and support requests, reliable (even on weekends) with emergency broadcast issues, and always prompt to respond to replacement video uploads and inquiries. We couldn’t imagine a better experience and appreciate your whole team for their continued support!”
Kayla Fulmer, City of Casa Grande, AZ
Lockhart Independent School District, Texas
“I just want to take a moment to thank you for your professionalism and your willingness to help us when we have a School Board meeting recording issue. You are always so willing to help us figure out the concerns or issues. It has been so great having professionals helping us with our School Board meeting recordings. Even more so, thank you for your promptness in posting our Board meetings so early the following day after a Board meeting. It is truly appreciated. I hope we will be able to continue using your services for years to come.”
Darla Damron, Lockhart ISD, TX
Santa Rosa County School District, Florida
“Santa Rosa County consists of densely populated beaches to the south and sparsely populated farm property to the north. The county stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to the Alabama state line. The School Board was receiving requests to rotate meetings around the county to accommodate all residents. With Swagit we found exactly what we needed to provide transparency and access to the School Board meetings. Parents, employees, concerned citizens and even the media take advantage of the live broadcast of the meetings. For those who cannot watch the live broadcast, a video is posted on the district web site for viewing at their convenience. Swagit provides reliable equipment, courteous and knowledgeable employees, and consistently produces quality live web broadcasts of all Santa Rosa County School Board meetings.”
Marilyne Pugh, Santa Rosa County School District, FL
Rowlett, Texas
“I know I speak for all of us when I say we are very excited about using Swagit! This is going to move communications in Rowlett to the next level!”
Drew Rist, City of Rowlett, TX
Houston, Texas
“The opportunity it offered the citizens was incredible and really applauded the move.”
Council Member Holm, City of Houston, TX
“It’s great to hear from you! I have to tell you, I think you have one of the most attentive and efficient staffs I’ve ever worked with on a vendor site. I really enjoy working with them.”
Laura Lee , Spokane.net
Flagstaff, Arizona
“Wanted to say thanks for last night and for being so willing to take care of us with last minute notice. It went so well!”
Kimberly Ott, City of Flagstaff, AZ
Garland, Texas
“Every opportunity I have to discuss streaming with other cities, I give them Swagit contact info and tell them how great you guys are.”
Dave Kuhn, City of Garland, TX
Rowlett, Texas
“This is going to be one of the most important services we have ever provided to our residents.”
Donna Huerta, City of Rowlett, TX
Houston, Texas
“This item would enable all of them to go online to the Municipal Channel site and specifically check the date that a particular discussion was had and be able to zero in on the exact time and comments that were made, that she was excited to support the item.”
Council Member Clutterbuck, City of Houston, TX
Irving, Texas
“Thanks for taking care of the “About Towne” show for the City of Irving. Good service… as always.”
Bart Nester, City of Irving, TX
Henry County Schools, Georgia
“Can’t say it enough how great a job you all do with our broadcast!”
JD Hardin, Director of Communications & Public Relations, Henry County Schools, GA
West Covina, California
“Our hope was to improve our civic engagement within our community, and Swagit has definitely helped us do that. More and more people are watching our feeds every day. The response from our constituents has been very positive. Now, with Swagit remotely controlling our meeting broadcasts, we no longer have a single source of failure if our part-time production staff member is unavailable. We have been pleased with Swagit, and are very happy with the service.”
Shawn Granger, City of West Covina
El Cajon, California full city logo
The City of El Cajon had a existing video streaming product that was not meeting our needs. The system had a high failure rate and our staff had to spend a lot of time on the phone with their support trying to get the system functional and videos uploaded from our personal copies.

We made the move to Swagit and our experience has been night and day. The system works consistently. It was quick to set up and our calls to support have been minimal. As a full service provider, they email us letting us know that they are aware of our meeting and someone will be there to monitor it in case there are any issues. We also like the simple admin portal that works with our Destiny Software Agenda Quick, to load agendas and schedule meetings.

Council meetings can be stressful, we didn’t need the extra stress of wondering if our streaming solution would work or not. Moving to Swagit has taken that worry off of our shoulders, letting us concentrate on the meeting.

Sara Diaz, Director of Information Technology, City of El Cajon, California
City logo for Florissant, Missouri
Swagit has allowed us to modernize the recording, broadcasting, archiving and availability of our City Council meetings. Video is now easily available live on Facebook, our cable stations, and archived on our website. Swagit has helped us do more with less.
Steve Weiersmueller, Director of Information Technology, City of Florissant, Missouri