Swagit Productions, LLC Hosts Live and On-Demand Streaming for the City of Olathe  


Dallas, Texas (October 11, 2017) Swagit Productions is pleased to announce that the City of Olathe offers live and on-demand video streaming of City Council, Planning Commission and Specialty meetings.

The streaming service engages residents by making it easy to view past and current meetings along with meeting agendas, reports, minutes and video all in one convenient location.  Olathe’s meetings can be viewed on their website as they happen and on-demand via all platforms capable of video playback — including desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. An indexed agenda accompanies the videos, making it easy for viewers to jump to topics or agenda items that are most relevant to them.

 “The City of Olathe partnership with Swagit furthers our efforts to make local decision making more accessible to the public.” said Olathe Mayor, Michael Copeland. “Swagit’s instant archiving and agenda-indexing functionality is exactly what Olathe community members have requested for both City Council and Planning Commission meetings. Citizen engagement is very important to the City of Olathe and we are pleased to partner with Swagit to better reach our residents and the public.”

“Olathe had a need and our solutions were a perfect fit,” says Michael Osuna, Swagit’s North American Director of Sales. “We are honored to be the partner that elevates Olathe’s citizen engagement to the next level.”

With the use of hands-free video streaming® and advanced broadcast solutions the City Olathe will be marked as an innovative smart city and a leader in emerging technology.

About Swagit Productions, LLC

Swagit Productions, LLC, based in Dallas, TX, provides hands-free video streaming® and broadcast solutions to local, state and federal government agencies. Swagit pioneered the Cosmos™ Broadcast System – a complete package of PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras and professional video-switching equipment that enables any client to fully outsource the production, operation and distribution of HD or SD multi-camera broadcasts for public meetings. Swagit’s progressive online, mobile and social platform solutions include the Extensible Automated Streaming Engine (EASE™): a hands-free webcasting® system for public meeting indexing, agenda integration, archiving, on-demand playback, closed captioning and the innovative sound search™. Swagit’s focus is on emerging technology and relevant avenues of distribution – for example, Swagit’s PEG (Public, Education and Government Access) portal and app featuring HD viewing, social media integration and on-trend resident engagement. To request a personalized demo, visit www.swagit.com/demo.