TIPS Members Can Purchase Swagit’s Hands-free Video Streaming® and Broadcast Solutions at Favorable Rates

Dallas, Texas (June 27, 2017) Swagit Productions, LLC is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a 50-state procurement contract (#160901) from The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS), for “Digital Recording and/or Video Production”. The contract provides the best pricing, terms and conditions on Swagit’s hands-free video streaming® and public meeting broadcast solutions to all 4000+ TIPS members. Any local, county, state or national government agency including school districts can easily purchase products and solutions from Swagit using TIPS product contracts, bypassing the time-consuming bid process.

“The procurement process for Swagit’s government transparency solutions couldn’t be any easier,” said David Owusu, co-founder and Director of Streaming Media Services for Swagit. “TIPS membership is free for eligible education and government entities, and our contract ensures the best pricing available – so these agencies can now procure our hands-free webcasting system with the confidence that they’re getting the best price from a highly experienced solution provider.”

The Interlocal Purchasing System, better known as TIPS Purchasing Cooperative, began in 2002 as a small regional cooperative of the Region 8 Education Service Center (ESC). Today, TIPS is a premier purchasing cooperative benefiting education, government, and non-profit organizations in all 50 states. Each TIPS member receives the same competitive pricing benefits from vendors because TIPS provides state-of-the-art purchasing procedures, ensuring competitive contracts.

The Swagit Advantage

Swagit is known for the ability to provide turnkey, hands-free video streaming® broadcast solutions and content management capabilities that preclude the need for onsite A/V staffing resources. Swagit provides governments and other agencies a cost-effective, convenient means to increase transparency and to engage an expanded audience.

“Innovation, quality, consistency and customer service are the hallmarks of our company,” said Bryan Halley, co-founder and Director of Video Technology and Affairs. “The TIPS contract is a testament that we’re doing things the right way for our clients and partners.”

About Swagit Productions, LLC

Swagit Productions, LLC, based in Dallas, TX, provides hands-free video streaming® and broadcast solutions to local, state and federal government agencies. Swagit pioneered the Cosmos Broadcast System – a complete package of PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras and professional video-switching equipment that enables any client to fully outsource the production, operation and distribution of HD or SD multi-camera broadcasts for public meetings. Swagit’s progressive online, mobile and social platform solutions include the Extensible Automated Streaming Engine (EASE): a hands-free webcasting® system for public meeting indexing, agenda integration, archiving, on-demand playback, closed captioning and the innovative Sound Search. Swagit’s focus is on emerging technology and relevant avenues of distribution – for example, Swagit’s PEG (Public, Education and Government Access) portal and app featuring HD viewing, social media integration and on-trend resident engagement. To request a personalized demo, visit

About The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) is a national purchasing cooperative serving entities with legislated purchasing/bidding requirements, including school districts, state agencies, and state and local governments. TIPS provides substantial savings and best value for participating members through cooperative purchasing practices stretching over all 50 states. For more information on TIPS, visit or call 866-839-8477.