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Florissant Becomes the First in Missouri to Live Stream Meetings with Swagit’s Avior™ Hands-Free Broadcast Solution

Residents Have Enhanced Solution to Watch Florissant City Council Meetings Live and On-Demand First in the State The City of Florissant, Missouri is the first jurisdiction in Missouri to go “hands-free” for their staff with Swagit, providing their citizens a convenient, ad-free 24/7 tool that enhances access to City Council meetings. In late 2019, Swagit [...]

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Bonita Unified School District Provides On-Demand Captioned School Board Meetings

Swagit Productions, LLC Provides Transparency with ADA Compliant Streaming Solution Bonita Unified School District has boosted their School Board meeting accessibility and citizen engagement with the Avior™ hands-free broadcast solution, EASE™ hands-free video streaming, and closed-captioning services – all provided by Swagit Productions. Bonita USD Board of Education meetings are recorded pursuant to California Gov. [...]

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Waxahachie, Texas Upgrades City Council Transparency with Swagit’s Avior™ Hands-Free HD Video Streaming

 Swagit’s Solution Provides a New Standard for City’s Public Meeting Accessibility Dallas, TX (January 7, 2019) The City of Waxahachie, Texas has partnered with Swagit Productions, LLC to stream their indexed public meetings, live and on demand, on their website portal that can be found at In 2018, the City began streaming City Council [...]

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Bellaire, TX is Streaming Live and On-Demand with Swagit’s Avior™ Hands-Free HD Video Streaming Services

Swagit Productions, LLC Video with Agenda Integration Provides the Citizens of Bellaire with a Simplified Way to Follow City Meetings The City of Bellaire, Texas has partnered with Swagit to stream their public meetings and events, live and on-demand via all platforms or devices capable of video playback, to over 6,500 resident households. In addition, [...]

By |2020-12-26T20:27:06-06:00December 12th, 2019|Client News, News|Comments Off on Bellaire, TX is Streaming Live and On-Demand with Swagit’s Avior™ Hands-Free HD Video Streaming Services

Hamilton Southeastern School Board Livestreams Meetings

Swagit Productions, LLC Provides Transparency and ADA Compliant Streaming Solutions The Board of School Trustees for Hamilton Southeastern Schools (HSE) is streaming their closed-captioned public meetings, live and on-demand. This Board initiative improves transparency and accessibility for the entire school community and beyond. Both the live-stream and archived videos of the HSE board meetings are [...]

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Kennewick Becomes the First City in Washington to Live Stream Meetings with Swagit’s Avior™ Hands-Free Broadcast Solution

Residents Can Now Watch Gavel-to-Gavel Coverage of Kennewick City Council Meetings For the first time, the City of Kennewick provides a live video stream of city council proceedings on its website. In addition, the live video stream of city council, commission and specialty meetings will be archived and available for on-demand viewing on the City’s website. [...]

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Somerset County Livestreams Freeholder Meetings with Swagit

SOMERVILLE, NJ / June 6, 2019 - The Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders is now livestreaming its work sessions and regular meetings with Swagit. “I have always been fully committed to open and accessible government. Livestreaming furthers that aim,” said Freeholder Director Brian D. Levine. “More and more residents of all ages are getting [...]

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The City of El Cajon Eliminates Meeting Video Streaming Failure with the Help of Swagit

Swagit Productions, LLC’s Provides EASE™ Hands-free Webcasting® System for Optimal Meeting Video Delivery to the Citizens of El Cajon, CA Dallas, TX (April 17, 2019) The City of El Cajon provides their residents with an improved City Council meeting viewing experience via Swagit Productions and their EASE™ streaming solution. “The City of El Cajon had [...]

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City of West Covina Enhances Transparency with Hands-Free Broadcast System

Swagit Productions, LLC’s Avior™ Hands-Free Broadcast Solution Future-Proofs the City of West Covina’s Public Meeting Accessibility DALLAS (March 5, 2019) West Covina, CA has taken their City meeting webcast and citizen engagement to the next level with hands-free video® streaming and broadcast services provided by Swagit Productions. West Covina City Council Meeting “Our [...]

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Wilson County Schools to Stream Board Meetings Online

Swagit Productions, LLC Provides Avior™ Hands-Free Broadcast Solution for Wilson County Schools Dallas, TX (March 1, 2019) Wilson County Schools is thrilled to announce that the School’s Board meetings and work sessions will be streamed live and available post-meeting on their website, starting Monday, March 4 at 6:00 pm. “It has been our intent to [...]

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