Santa Rosa County, FL – The Santa Rosa County School Board gets more technologically savvy by acquiring video cameras and a video broadcast system that will webcast streaming video of their meetings for online audiences.

Board meetings will be streamed live and shortly after the meeting ends will be archived and posted to the school website. Residents will have the greatest flexibility to watch the meetings in either real time or can click on the indexed version approximately four hours from the time the meeting ends.

Instead of residents having to fast forward or watch an entire board meeting, they can simply go to the school board’s website, scroll through the agenda and choose a section of the meeting they would like to go to and click on it. “It gives people more access than before,” says Marilyn Pugh, Secretary at the Santa Rosa County School. Pugh said “that people will now be able to see the agenda and its attachments online well in advance before the meeting, which might solve several concerns the community has raised with the school board”.

Utilizing Swagits’ Cosmos hands-free broadcast system, Swagit staff will remotely control the cameras from its Plano, TX headquarters during the meeting and thereafter, the meeting will be posted to the School website for on-demand streaming. “This will all be done remotely, so it will make me and school board’s job easier,” Pugh said.

Beginning March 2012, meetings will be stored and made available for viewing for at minimum three years. School Board Meeting are held on the 2nd and/or 4th Thursdays of the month and can be viewed live on the Santa Rosa County School website.

Posted on 02/17/2012 by Natascha Ross



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