Lakeway, TX – The city of Lakeway will take its government transparency one step further by offering live streaming video of City Council meetings to its residents.

Lakeway, Texas, located in the heart of the lavishly green Hill Country, begins streaming its City Council meetings on the city website. The meetings, which were once only in audio, will now be streamed live and archived for its constituents.

The media library features a ‘search’ function, making it easier to find meetings that discuss a specific item or topic. The meetings are indexed, and an agenda is integrated within the player, making following along with the video convenient and easy.

End-users can share meetings that interest them via a link, an embed code, or an email form. And switching between the ‘index’, ‘agenda’ and ‘share’ tabs can all be done without interrupting the stream of the video.

“Live streaming allows our residents access to government, Council discussion, presentations, and decision making right from the comfort of their homes. Communicating and providing an open, transparent, and accountable government are City and Council priorities and live streaming and archiving meetings will help us achieve those priorities while improving our efficiencies,” says Chessie Blanchard, Lakeway’s Deputy City Manager.

The meetings are recorded using the Cosmos broadcast system. The system, composed of cameras and pro-video switching equipment, allows Swagit to control the cameras remotely from its Plano, Texas headquarters. Cosmos helps Lakeway to bring its constituents a professionally shot meeting without adding to the government’s already heavy workload.

By making meetings viewable online, Lakeway will not only establish a more open and secure government with its residents, but the residents will be able keep up and stay informed with the important issues that their city faces. Streaming City Council meeting is a great way for Lakeway to expand on its transparency while offering convenience and ease to its constituents.

Posted on 08/01/2012 by Amber Mullins



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