Derby, KS – In an effort to increase transparency and convenience with its residents, the City of Derby broadens their live broadcasts by streaming online in addition to their channel.

Beginning August 14, 2012, the City of Derby began streaming its broadcast channel online. Residents are now able to watch City Council meetings from their laptop, smart phone or tablet as they progress live. Meetings will then be archived after the fact and available for on-demand viewing.

“The City of Derby is excited to bring this new service to its residents and anyone interested in our city government,” said Mayor Dion Avello. “Now you can watch the City Council meetings live and on-demand anywhere you have Internet access.”

By clicking the ‘live’ tab, residents will be able to watch live if a meeting is taking place. When meetings are not in session, viewers will still be able to see special bulletins and programming through the live channel. Council meetings will be recorded, uploaded and available for on-demand view. Viewers are also able to search for a meeting that addresses a specific topic of interest. All videos are indexed and uploaded with a fully integrated agenda, making it easier for viewers to following along or access a certain item that interests them.

The City Council conducts meetings on average about two to three times a month, which will be viewable live and on-demand after the fact. To access a full list and the minutes of council meetings visit the City of Derby’s Website.

Posted on 08/09/2012 by Amber Mullins



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