The City of Houston has recently implemented Sound Search™, a new feature that improves the speed and accuracy of finding specific information in a meeting by executing a word search directly on the video recording of the meeting.

Sound Search offers residents the ability to quickly perform a search for the spoken-word within the audio/video recording. This can improve and shorten the time it takes for residents to find a specific topic in the meeting.

The City of Houston has provided metadata search for several years, but recently implemented this new feature which improves the way residents search for specific content. A positive search hit using Sound Search will take the viewer to the exact location within a meeting that the word or phrase was spoken. When a search result is chosen, the audio/video clip will begin playing several seconds prior to the search result in order to give greater context to the result.

Results show individual time(s) during the meeting a keyword is verbally spoken and provides a direct jump-to link.

“The number one benefit of Swagit’s Sound Search is that it empowers our customers to be precise and gather information quickly. We believe that being in touch with our customers’ needs by using products and services that provide superior value will help us to remain successful in an ever changing world,” says Trinelle Thomas, Marketing Specialist.

Sound Search is now available to all existing clients and is easy to implement with access from any device’s web browser.


About Swagit:
Swagit Productions, LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, is the industry leader providing EASE, hands-free video technology and Cosmos, broadcast solutions to local, state and federal agencies, and is proud to be partnered with the City of Houston for this innovative technological step to increase open government and smart city initiatives.