AAMPO specifically partnered with Swagit Productions, LLC – an industry leader and expert in hands-free technology that works with many government entities to increase citizen participation – to bring transparency features to fruition.

Continuing their effort to increase transparency in local government, the Alamo Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (AAMPO) will now be making available online webcasting and archived public meetings. Watch here.

Transportation Policy Board meetings will be available to the public to increase transparency and citizen participation that will help shape the future of the Alamo Area’s transportation network.

Utilizing the EASE media system from Swagit Productions, LLC, the current meeting video will stream live on the AAMPO website http://www.alamoareampo.org, and upon conclusion it will be indexed and added to the rest of the archived online videos. All AAMPO videos are viewable on any device – phone, tablet and more – capable of viewing online video.

Viewers can watch any recorded AAMPO video at any time and at any location, allowing the public to stay aware of AAMPO proceedings without requiring them to attend the meeting in person, further marking AAMPO’s dedication to increasing government accessibility.

Posted online meetings are indexed for easy navigation, with marked points to different agenda items. Meeting videos can be paused, rewound and forwarded, and allow the viewer to easily jump to specific points on the topics that matter the most to them.

“By offering a mobile solution that gives real time information everyone can be a participant. Each meeting has a multitude of agenda topics that affect our resident’s lives; and now everyone can stay current on what is important to them as well as staying knowledgeable on the Alamo Area MPO’s decisions, initiatives and community outreach.” said Isidro Martinez, AAMPO Director. “Having the meetings online and archived will help to expand our audience and transparency.”

Swagit specializes in providing hands-free video streaming® and broadcast solutions to local, state and federal government agencies as well as other online entities.

Swagit Productions, LLC is a privately held company in Plano, Texas. Founded in 2003, Swagit is a progressive company that is pioneering the broadband multimedia communication service industry by providing clients a hands-free approach to always being connected to end-users’ information needs.