Grayson County Texas now offers video streaming service for their commissioner’s court meetings, meaning each resident can now watch County Commissioners Court meetings online at their leisure! Join Grayson County’s fellow residents from their computer or mobile device for the next commissioner court meeting Tuesdays at 10am.

The archived meeting’s will also be indexed so citizens can navigate between different agenda items and get quickly to the topic of interest, and can view the meetings on their laptops or mobile smart phones through the Grayson County Commissioners court video stream page located at:

Now Grayson County residents have the ability to:

  • Watch indexed meetings which allow residents to jump to chapter points
  • Live stream of meetings and events
  • Share tab for social media
  • Search function so the public can search the agenda quickly for specific key words

All commissioner court meetings will be archived and accessible for on-demand viewing. Once archived, the on-demand feature allows resident to choose which meeting agenda items, or conversations topics, you wish to watch and then go directly to that particular video segment. The meetings also feature the COSMOS® PIP (Picture in Picture) making it easier to see the speaker standing at the podium as well as the Grayson County Commissioners court’s presiding members. The share tabs next to each indexed point will also make it easier to participate and link to relevant parts of the meeting with friends and family using social media sites.

“We are excited to offer a way for Grayson County residents to view the meetings that they may not have otherwise seen,” said Jackson Mershon Marketing Manager for Swagit Productions. “And, it will help to increase transparency and interaction in the community through the use of sharing features.”

Swagit Productions, LLC is known for their ability to provide automated, or ‘hands free’ streaming and content management capabilities that preclude the need for onsite A/V staffing resources, Swagit provides multiple counties and other government entities with a cost-effective, convenient means to increase citizen engagement.