The City of Fernandina Beach, Florida, also known as the Isle of Eight Flags as the flag of eight different entities have flown over it since 1562, now has something new in the air – the streaming video broadcasts of the city’s Commission meetings.

Starting with the City Commission meeting on July 1st, the City of Fernando Beach began streaming live and archived video of regular and special meetings on the city’s website at through Swagit Productions, LLC.

The city is utilizing Swagit’s Extensible Automated Streaming Engine (EASE) – a Hands-Free Video Streaming® solution that first broadcasts the Commission meetings on the city’s live website channel, that records, creates an index, and then automatically posts online to the meeting videos archive.

Fernandina Beach has also paired their EASE system with Swagit’s Cosmos service – a one camera-system that fully automates the entire video production process, adding no additional work responsibilities or required extra time for city staff.  With EASE and Cosmos together, Fernandina Beach has in effect a completely automated television system installed in city hall, that is hands-off and truly, ‘hands-free’.

Archived city meetings are indexed with break points throughout the video, allowing city residents and interested parties to jump to specific topics of interests, as well as pause the video to check the meeting agenda and read or download any attached meeting documents corresponding with that topic.

As with all Swagit hosted streaming media, Fernandina Beach City Commission meetings can be viewed on any device – computer, smartphone, tablet and more – capable of displaying webcast video.  Residents can keep up with all city business whenever, and where ever they want, including while relaxing on the white sand beach of Amelia Island.