“The team at Swagit have made a huge difference in Port Moody’s online video presence.  

Startup was a breeze and online streaming of our civic meetings is no longer a tense, hands on affair for our staff. Swagit takes the guesswork and planning out of scheduling  the streaming of our regular civic meetings. When they say hands free, they mean it. Swagit staff reviews our meeting calendars and agendas and has everything ready to go for each meeting – all we have to do is turn our cameras on.  Afterwards, the finished video is integrated with the agenda and uploaded in a very rapid and seamless turnaround. This has saved us countless hours of staff time in prepping, editing, and processing council videos.

The Swagit service is extremely flexible, and can cope with run-on meetings and the inevitable delays inherent in any meeting as well as any other event we wish to stream. They have even been able to accommodate unplanned, last minute events and have gone beyond our expectations time after time. 

Follow up is also fantastic. If there is occasion to request that something be changed as far as the online presentation goes, there is no hesitation from Swagit staff to accommodate us.

They are also a great vehicle for presenting all of our video presentations – not just meetings.  

If you‘re looking for a streaming solution that will make life simpler, reduce your technical headaches and take the workload off of your team, I highly recommend that you talk to the people at Swagit.”

Scott Jaques
City of Port Moody, British Columbia