The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has contracted with Swagit Productions, the leading hands-free streaming media company for government agencies in Texas, to stream all council meetings online. Going forward, any state resident (or non-resident) will be able to view Health and Human Services Council meetings at their convenience and on any preferred video device that allows for viewing streaming media.

The citizens of Texas will now have simple and direct access to information regarding policy that may directly affect their lives – at a time when government interaction with healthcare is of the highest concern.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission is embracing the cutting-edge technology of streaming media and enhance the quality and detail of broadcast information vital to the citizens of Texas.

HHSC has implemented Swagit’s EASE system and is also using Swagit’s Cosmos, hands-free broadcast solution, to put forth a professional meeting management software framework that automates many otherwise manually intensive tasks. This hands free solution meets all current and future video management needs without creating any additional work for staff.

Live streams of Council meetings will be webcast on in real time. Once the meeting is concluded, the recording will be archived by Swagit, embedded with index points at key moments during the meeting, and then posted online. Any questions or discrepancies regarding issues that arise during a department meeting may now be referred directly to the actual archived recording of the meeting in question. Documents are also integrated with the video so citizens can watch the meetings and follow along directly with the meeting agenda.

Natascha Ross, Director of Marketing at Swagit, explains, “We are honored to provide HHSC with the most technologically advanced online video solution available.”


About Swagit
Swagit Productions, LLC is a leading video production company specializing in providing hand-free video streaming® solutions to government agencies. Swagit pioneered the hands-free webcasting® service plan. This eliminates 100% of the labor required in producing professional and easily accessible streaming videos for meetings and newscasts. For more information about Swagit, please visit: or call 1-800-573-3160.