Plano, TX -Swagit Productions, LLC, the pioneer of Hands-Free Video Streaming® solutions for government, announces its official release of high-definition streaming for Public, Educational and Government (PEG) stations. The announcement immediately puts those government jurisdictions and agencies using Swagit technology at the forefront of video streaming.

Swagit® began offering limited HD streaming service in April of 2012 for its Texas-based government jurisdictions only. “We initially limited our release to existing clients and new clients in our home state of Texas in order to better evaluate the demand,” says Bryan R. Halley, President of Swagit Productions, LLC. “The conclusions from our limited release showed us that a majority of government jurisdictions were shooting content in HD, but had no outlet for getting their HD content to the masses. The large cable and telecom providers were not broadcasting these jurisdictions’ content in HD or they just didn’t plan to support the traditional PEG broadcasts in HD. We feel Swagit’s HD streaming solutions for government can bridge that gap between jurisdictions and their cable or telecom companies by taking the content straight to the jurisdiction’s website.”

Swagit’s initial release demographic included all different government jurisdiction types and sizes from school districts like Houston ISD and Irving ISD, to smaller cities like Allen, Texas, to the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston, Texas.

Some of the jurisdictions currently use the HD streaming solutions offered by Swagit® for all of their live broadcasts as well as their video on-demand content offerings. While others are using it solely for on-demand video streaming of select content that was originally produced in high-definition.

The broader rollout of HD streaming video for government by Swagit is all inclusive and across all existing solutions offered by the company. This means not only can you utilize distributing HD content to residents with Swagit’s Hands-Free Video Streaming® solutions, but those jurisdictions interested in Swagit’s hands-free automated broadcast systems can now deploy a full end-to-end HD solution that requires no additional staff involvement for the operation, broadcast and streaming of an event or meeting.

Posted on 01/15/2013 by Natascha Ross



Swagit Productions, LLC is a leading video production company specializing in providing streaming media solutions to television stations, newspapers and local government agencies. Swagit pioneered the ‘Hands-Free’ fully automated streaming service plan. This eliminates 100% of the labor required in producing professional and easily accessible streaming videos for meetings and newscasts. For more information about Swagit, please visit: or call 1-800-573-3160.