The City of Dallas, TX, has moved the management of their streaming video solution to Swagit Productions LLC, the largest provider of automated webcasting tools in the state of Texas.

The primary reason for Dallas’ move was to gain access to Swagit’s Extensible Automated Streaming Engine (EASE), a unique and cutting-edge software framework that automates many otherwise manually intensive tasks. The EASE webcasting solution allows government agencies like Dallas to undertake the time-intensive tasks of indexing and timestamping video without placing an additional work burden on staff.

“Swagit takes the load of indexing and encoding the meetings off of us here at the City, while at the same providing a high quality and interactive viewing experience for those who follow City of Dallas,” said Frank Librio, Managing Director of Communication and Media Relations for the City of Dallas.

The normally time-consuming staff task of indexing video is now handled by Swagit’s Managed Services Division, who use published meeting agendas or other directions as a guide to annotate and add “jump-to” points to video content. These specific item headings help users to greatly expedite the search process when they are looking for specific information in a video.

The move to Swagit’s EASE solution also alleviates the stress of streaming video from Dallas’ network, as all disk space and bandwidth intensive tasks are offloaded to Swagit’s Content Network.

Swagit’s EASE solution is highly adaptable, and can deliver on-demand content to users in all major streaming formats, including HTML5, H.264, Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime, Real and Silverlight. This versatility enables a client’s video content to be accessed by the widest possible range of end-users, some of whom may have radically different capabilities in terms of connection speed and disk space.

“We are proud to service the City of Dallas, and other governments across the state of Texas with a capable, highly versatile solution to fill all of their video streaming needs,” said Natascha Ross, Director of Marketing and Sales at Swagit. “Our goal is to simplify the process of webcasting as much as possible for both our clients and the end user, resulting in a streaming experience that is satisfying for all involved.”