Texas DIR is a streamlined cooperative purchasing program for State and Local Government, Public Education and other public entities focused in Texas, but also serving public entities outside of the State. Swagit Productions, LLC solutions that can be purchased on this contract include the following:

DIR Contract No. DIR-TSO-4268


This Contract is part of the DIR’s (Co-op) Contracts program to streamline the procurement process for eligible Texas customers. For more information regarding the program, please refer to the Telcom Contracts Program Overview.

  • General Contract Information
    • Contractor: Swagit Productions, LLC
    • Contract Number: DIR-TSO-4268
    • Contract Issue Date: 11/12/2018
    • Contract Expiration: 11/12/2022
    • View the Contract on the Texas DIR Website
  • Standard Warranty and Return Policy: For Required Streaming Hardware purchased from Swagit by Customer, Swagit will provide to Customer a three (3) year warranty with respect to the Required Hardware. Swagit warrants any streaming hardware provided by Swagit not in good working order and used under normal operating conditions, will be fully replaced for a period of three (3) years; thereafter, all costs of streaming server hardware replacement due to any failure or caused by normal wear and tear, shall be at the Customer’s expense.

Products and Services Information

  • Swagit Productions, LLC offers Software Products and Related Services, including Software as a Service, under this contract.
  • For the full list and description of Swagit products and services available under this contract, please refer to Appendix C Pricing Index.


  • Obtain a Quote by visiting the Swagit website and completing the Contact Us form, or request a Quote via email.
  • Generate a Purchase Order
    • Order must reference DIR Contract No. DIR-TSO-4268
    • All orders must be made payable to Swagit Productions, LLC
    • Address purchase orders to your designated Swagit representative.
    • E-mail or fax Purchase Order and signed Quote form to Swagit Corporate Office or Fax: (214) 750-9513
    • Designated Order Fulfillment: There are no resellers on this contract. Customers can purchase directly through DIR contract.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact: Swagit’s Affairs and Technology Department
Phone: (214) 432-5905
Fax: (214) 750-9513