PEG PSAs from Swagit are multimedia projects composed of video clips, photographs, animations, music and/or professional voice-over narrations. The finished media allows PEG Operators to update their local community with events happening around town, informs residents of municipal meetings and schedules, as well as potentially alert the area with information about emergencies.

Submitting a Request

When you have gathered all of your materials and are ready to upload them to Swagit, please have the PEG PSA Request Form completed, along with voice over narration copy (if applicable). There is a 10 day lead time for PEG PSAs. Submission to production requires all necessary materials and will not be processed until all those materials have been received. Once your PEG PSA has been created, a representative will contact you for approval. Once approved, the final version will be in your media archive with download and/or posting options.

Archive Allotment and Total Running Times (TRT)

The number of PEG PSAs that you can have created yearly is stipulated in your agreement with Swagit. Our base package includes up to 120 PEG PSAs each year. Additional projects can be produced for a fee. (See Production Rate Card). Each PEG PSA can be created to incorporate several items. The number of elements submitted and the length of the voice-over narration will determine the length. However, the maximum length for any one project is 150 seconds in duration.  Any project over that length will need to be approved by a video editing Supervisor and re-quoted by a Swagit sales agent.

Separately, if you do not use all of your PEG PSAs each year, they will expire. They cannot be carried over from one year to the next. It also may be beneficial to submit your requests at least one month before an event occurs or before any promotion is scheduled to air, so you have more than enough time to prepare, plan and approve.

See a sample PSA for PEG TV

Additional Options

There are a number of additional production and post-production services that Swagit offers, including remote event switching and broadcasting. If you require additional production or video editing services beyond the contracted PEG PSA deliverables, we will be more than happy to work with you! Please refer to our Rate Card or contact us at and a staff member will certainly assist you.