Swagit’s Portal opens a new window for your city, school district and television station to broadcast your message to your audience. This stand alone website hosted by Swagit serves as a central hub for all your content, allowing you to maintain a single online media presence without ever needing to redirect traffic away to other media websites such as YouTube.

Customizable to match and mirror your own branding, Swagit’s Portal will host all of your streaming video and audio, as well as bulletin boards, social media widgets and more – all crystal clear high definition (16:9 HD frame).

Visit the NNTV PEG Portal at newportnewsva.cvp.swagit.com »

Take a tour of a fully customizable Swagit Portal:


The advantages that a Swagit Portal had over prior websites, which display videos embedded in iframes, include:

  • Incorporates a ‘What’s up next’ option to see schedule of upcoming events accompanied with a preview thumbnail for your live channel
  • Integrated social media widgets
  • Options to show the most popular videos and the most recent videos
  • 16:9 frame for an extraordinary viewing experience in HD
  • Interactive TV schedule for your future live streams
  • Ability to toggle between multiple channels
  • Analytics to show you who, when and where is watching your content

Swagit's PEG portal display

With a Swagit Portal, you control where and how your media is hosted and displayed. Your content is not subjected to playback issues or downtime associated with a third party server, nor will see your content framed in a way you are not comfortable with, or open to comments that you do not approve or condone.

A Swagit Portal allows you to focus your marketing and social media to point to a single nucleus for all your media. Control your message, generate buzz, expand your reach and build your audience with a PEG, ISD or Community portal from Swagit.