Take Your Content “To Go” with a PEG App

Internet viewing continues to move away from standard computers and towards mobile devices, and there is no indication that this trend will be stopping any time soon. To help you adjust – and thrive – in these changing times, Swagit offers our PEG App for you to seamlessly connect with your audience while they are on the go.

Swagit’s PEG App [Public, Education and Government Access] compresses all of your media into a convenient one-click app on a smart phone or tablet. A responsive mobile interface and easy to use navigation allows your audience to quickly access your media on even the smallest screen without having to dig through locating it on a website.

Swagit’s PEG APP keeps you connected.
HD Viewing. Social Media Integration. On-trend Resident Engagement.

Increase your reach with customized phone/tablet app:


Features of the PEG app include:

  • Live stream of meetings and events
  • A dedicated channel for original programming
  • A full schedule for all media content and upcoming events
  • Ability to send alerts for special events
  • The ability to send push notifications and alerts so your audience is instantly aware of the latest community happenings.
  • and more

Swagit's PEG App Display

Swagit’s PEG App utilizes a customizable interface to match your own branding, increasing the engagement with your citizens so they will be one-touch away from being able to see meetings, events, and other programming. This coupled with an easy to navigate layout makes your content more accessible and a one stop place for citizens to look up your news and videos.

While compact and streamlined for mobile, the PEG App from Swagit still harnesses the capacity to provide your audience the full range of audio and video currently available on your website.

Create a full online mobile distribution channel for your audio and video, all accessible with just the touch of a finger, with a PEG App from Swagit.

Download the NNTV PEG App on iTunes or Google Play »