Go Paperless

Swagit’s complete paperless agenda solution archives public meeting records and manages additional aspects including meeting agendas, minutes, documents and audio/video recordings from Swagit’s EASE application.

Any electronic meeting management software that Swagit promotes is designed to help create, approve and track items for past and future meetings, along with saving users from the hassle and inefficiency that a paper based agenda system entails.


Swagit’s paperless agenda system minimizes the time spent compiling and distributing agendas, while ensuring agendas, minutes and meeting actions are automatically posted to your web site.


If you have existing legislative tools already in place and are looking for a system that combines paperless agendas and streaming video together, rest assured that Swagit’s system seamlessly integrates with ANY third party agenda/document management solution.

Voting & Meeting Management

Swagit’s voting system provides powerful meeting management and roll call for city councils and other public legislative meetings to simplify time intensive agenda creation and record keeping tasks. The high performance architecture features flexible meeting configurations, extensive document management, request to speak, live video stream management and a powerful audiovisual control system. The intuitive workflow driven software contains many shortcuts and automation tools to help staff prepare for, and manage busy meetings. Only minimal training is necessary to use the meeting management software connected to touch panels or mouse driven screens, seamlessly capturing all meeting actions and tabulating minutes and post meeting reports.