Company History and Overview

Swagit Productions, LLC is a privately held company in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2003, Swagit is a progressive company that is pioneering the broadband multimedia communication service industry by providing clients a hands-free approach to always being connected to end-users’ information needs.

Swagit specializes in providing streaming media solutions to local, state and federal government agencies. Furthermore, the company is a complete video production entity; including services such as post-production, studio and recording booth sessions. Any entity that wants streamlined multimedia to their destination of choice can do it all with Swagit.

Swagit’s strong position in the industry allows for the cost of services to be considerably lower than industry averages, thus forcing its competitors to lower some costs, therefore shaping a more cost effective sector for consumers. In addition to the company’s price-match guarantee, automation and full service production services; Swagit’s structure allows for clientele to save costs on unneeded staff.

Starting from humble beginnings, Swagit began in 2003 with a mission to supply clients an affordable solution to stream their own content in an overpriced, complicated, hands-on video industry. What began as a company that specialized in turnaround streams for televisions stations and newspapers, Swagit has grown significantly to work with over 450 government entities with a 99.9% client retention rate.

However, the Swagit network of servers stretch across North America from California to Washington to Texas to Virginia to Montreal, Canada. Thus the network insures fast connect times from the closest point-of-presence (POP) to an end-user’s location. In addition, Swagit’s network is fully redundant giving clients the peace of mind of redundancy and keeping with the Swagit motto of “Always Connected.”