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Kaufman County Commissioners Court Meetings Streaming Live

Swagit Productions, LLC Provides Avior™ Hands-Free Broadcast Solution for Kaufman County The Kaufman County Commissioners Court is streaming their weekly meetings live and on-demand with hands-free video® streaming and broadcast services provided by Swagit Productions.  In 2018, Kaufman County renovated and upgraded their courtroom. In the process, the County also resolved their need for the [...]

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City of Highland Village, Texas Streams Public Meetings Live and On-Demand with Swagit

The City of Highland Village, Texas City Hall Swagit Productions, LLC Provides Video Streaming Services for the Residents of Highland Village The City of Highland Village, Texas has partnered with Swagit to stream their indexed public meetings, live and on-demand, to over 5,000 resident households. In addition, meeting video content from Highland Village’s [...]

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Portsmouth Public Schools to Broadcast Live Board Meetings Online Starting December 13

Swagit Productions, LLC Helps Portsmouth Public Schools Broaden Digital Engagement with a Live Broadcast of Board Meetings Portsmouth Public Schools has partnered with Swagit Productions to provide a live stream of their board meetings, making it easier for the community to stay informed about school business as it happens. Previously, Portsmouth Schools posted their board [...]

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City of Denton Upgrades Online Video

By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe Staff Writer Denton Record-Chronicle Photo Credit: Mark Finley - DRC The Denton city government has joined Dallas, Austin, Allen, Frisco and other cities that have contracted with Swagit Productions to improve its streaming video online. The upgrade should limit buffering and improve archived video playback, including the pause, fast-forward and [...]

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Township of Mahwah, NJ Streams Regular Council Meetings Live and On-Demand

Swagit Productions, LLC Provides Hands-Free Videos Streaming® Services for the Township of Mahwah Dallas, TX (August 28, 2018) The Township of Mahwah, NJ is streaming their indexed Regular Council meetings, live and on-demand, to over 9,000 households in the Township. Residents and interested parties are able to view the Township’s meetings as they happen and [...]

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La Mesa going higher-tech with Facebook streaming

August 15, 2018 | The San Diego Union-Tribune La Mesa is making it easier to view live coverage of City Council meetings from phone, tablet, computer or other device. Live streaming to the city’s official Facebook will begin with the City Council’s Sept. 11 meeting through a contract with Texas-based Swagit Productions, LLC. The city [...]

By |2020-12-26T20:27:10-06:00August 16th, 2018|Client News, News|0 Comments Triunfo on TV

VENTURA, Calif, April 12, 2018 The Triunfo Sanitation District has begun videotaping its monthly board meetings and posting the videos on the TSD website at Photo Credit: Triunfo Sanitation District The videos will be archived and available for viewing in the board of directors section of the website. The initial video posted on [...]

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Hill Country News: Leander council ready for first video coverage of meetings

A screen shot of City of Austin's online council meeting video. Items that are being discussed show up on the right side of the screen.COURTESY CITY OF AUSTIN LEANDER, Texas (March 8, 2018) –March 15 is opening night for video broadcasts of Leander City Council meetings. The seven council members, city manager and supporting [...]

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City council to stream meetings, no new candidates file FORNEY, Texas (February 10, 2018) – Local residents will now be able to watch their local government at work with the announcement from city hall this week that council meetings will begin streaming their meeting live online beginning March 6.  The City has contracted through Dallas-based Swagit Productions [...]

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City of Forney to Begin Streaming City Council Meetings

Photo Credit: City of Forney The City of Forney is now expanding the level of transparency and accessibility to all of its residents, through a new streaming service for it’s City Council meetings. The City has contracted through Dallas-based Swagit Productions to provide hands-free video streaming of all City Council meetings through the [...]

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