Swagit’s captioning services meet Level A and Level AA WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Requirements for video.


Captioning for streaming media is the method of displaying a text version overlay for the spoken words within a video. It helps viewers who may be deaf or who have reduced hearing.

Swagit can help meet your accessibility obligations with captioning for live streaming and broadcast events. Whether for your one-off events or longer-term fixed placements, Swagit can provide hands-free support with compliant turnkey live video services.


  • Meets FCC mandated ADA requirements for closed captioning
  • Hands-free captioning service
  • Live and/or on-demand
  • Visible on mobile devices
  • TV and web captions available

Real-Time (Live) Captioning

Swagit can provide real-time captioning for live programming, as well as sync those captions for on-demand usage after the event has come to its completion. Captioning through Swagit can be distributed to both TV and the Web simultaneously, if needed.

Human Assisted Real-time Transcription (HART); captions are created as an event takes place, utilizing a live transcriber.

Post-Event (On Demand) Captioning

Human assisted post-meeting captioning for video on demand, completed and aligned with event video within four business days of broadcast.

Additional Captioning Services

Speech-to-Text Document
A basic text file created from spoken words in a meeting audio; does not include non-audio information such as speaker identification or graphic presentations. It is not a word-for-word legal transcript.

Swagit synchronizes your 3rd-party live captioning transcript with event video for on-demand viewing; completed within four business days of broadcast.

Captioning rates are calculated in full hours only, and are based on total length of meeting or event, which includes breaks, closed sessions, and other non-captioned events during that length of time. Swagit meets FCC mandated ADA requirements for closed captioning. Specific captioning appliance may be required for these packages and services.

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