Swagit’s Solution Provides a New Standard for City’s Public Meeting Accessibility

Dallas, TX (January 7, 2019) The City of Waxahachie, Texas has partnered with Swagit Productions, LLC to stream their indexed public meetings, live and on demand, on their website portal that can be found at http://www.waxahachie.com/government/city_council/city_council_meeting_live_stream.php.

Screenshot of Waxahachie, TX city council meeting on November 8, 2019In 2018, the City began streaming City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings to social media using an iPad and external microphone. Seeking a more professional solution, the City turned to Swagit.

Now, Waxahachie’s City Council and P&Z meetings are broadcast hands-free, meaning the City does not need to allocate staff for meeting video production. With the help of Swagit’s Avior™ hands-free broadcast solution, a reliable high definition and dynamic viewing experience is available to over 10,000 resident households. The streaming video includes lower-third graphics, to help identify who is on camera and speaking; full-screen graphics of digital presentations will often have an inset “picture-in-picture” view of the speaker. Swagit’s hands-free EASE™ video indexing solution removes the burden of indexing from the City Secretary’s office who is responsible for keeping meeting records.

After a meeting concludes, its archived video becomes available for accessible on-demand viewing on the City’s website. For ease of access, viewing and sharing, Swagit’s advanced on-demand video indexing solution allows viewers to choose which meeting agenda items they wish to watch, and then jumps directly to that particular video segment.

As an additional convenience to residents, the City also posts all meeting agendas, agenda packets, and minutes on their live stream webpage, regardless of whether a meeting has been broadcast. Waxahachie does not currently use an agenda management solution for document storage, and opted to bundle this hosting into their service with Swagit.

“The City had a clear vision of how to improve their meeting transparency for their citizens,” said Natascha Ross, Swagit Account Manager. “They knew exactly what they wanted, found the solution they needed at Swagit, and embraced it.”

About Swagit Productions, LLC

Swagit Productions, LLC, based in Dallas, TX, provides hands-free video streaming®, broadcast, and captioning solutions to local, state and federal government agencies. Swagit pioneered the Avior™ Broadcast System – a complete package of HD PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras and professional video-switching equipment that enables any client to fully outsource the production, operation and distribution of multi-camera broadcasts for public meetings. Swagit’s progressive online, mobile and social platform solutions include the sole-source EASE™ hands-free webcasting® system for public meeting indexing, plus agenda integration, archiving, on-demand playback, closed captioning and the innovative Sound Search™. Swagit’s focus is on emerging technology and relevant avenues of distribution – for example, Swagit’s ISD/Community/PEG (Public, Education and Government Access) portal and app featuring social media integration and on-trend resident engagement.