Swagit Productions, LLC Provides Hands-Free Videos Streaming® Services for the Township of Mahwah

Dallas, TX (August 28, 2018) The Township of Mahwah, NJ is streaming their indexed Regular Council meetings, live and on-demand, to over 9,000 households in the Township.

Residents and interested parties are able to view the Township’s meetings as they happen and on-demand via all platforms capable of video playback — including desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. An indexed agenda accompanies the videos, making it easy for viewers to jump to topics or agenda items that are most relevant to them.

“With Swagit’s EASE™ and Avior™ hands-free video streaming and broadcast solutions Mahwah’s residents’ are provided with a useful tool to enhance access to their local government,” said Natascha Ross, Account Manager. “In addition, the Township is utilizing Sound Search™, an innovative search feature that gives residents the ability to search and examine data by the spoken word.”

Mahwah is streaming Regular Township Council meetings live on their website and can be viewed by visiting http://mahwahnj.swagit.com/live. The Township is also broadcasting the meetings on Mahwah Community News Cablevision Channel 78 and Fios Channel 33.

Regular Township Council meetings are indexed and archived for accessible on-demand viewing. Once a meeting is archived, the on-demand feature allows for viewers to choose which meeting agenda items, or conversations they wish to watch and then go directly to that particular video segment. Sound Search™ is a valuable feature that can be used to search for a spoken word. A positive search hit will take the viewer to the exact location within a meeting that the word or phrase was spoken and provides a direct jump-to link. The Mahwah council meeting archives are available on their website: http://mahwahnj.swagit.com/township-council-archives.

The Mayor and Council are committed to utilize this video streaming technology in creating a stronger internet presence and provide transparency that enhances open government. Live broadcasts give viewers immediate access to the meeting as it occurs, while archived; video-on-demand provides community members with the opportunity to watch recorded Regular Council meetings at their convenience.

About Swagit Productions, LLC

Swagit Productions, LLC, based in Dallas, TX, provides hands-free video streaming®, captioning and broadcast solutions to local, state and federal government agencies. Swagit pioneered the Avior™ HD Broadcast System – a complete package of HD PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras and professional video-switching equipment that enables any client to fully outsource the production, operation and distribution of multi-camera broadcasts for public meetings. Swagit’s progressive online, mobile and social platform solutions include the Extensible Automated Streaming Engine (EASE™): a hands-free webcasting® system for public meeting indexing, agenda integration, archiving, on-demand playback, closed captioning and the innovative Sound Search™. Swagit’s focus is on emerging technology and relevant avenues of distribution – for example, Swagit’s ISD – Community -PEG (Public, Education and Government Access) portal and app featuring HD viewing, social media integration and on-trend resident engagement. To request a personalized demo, visit www.swagit.com.