El Cajon, CaliforniaSwagit Productions, LLC’s Provides EASE™ Hands-free Webcasting® System for Optimal Meeting Video Delivery to the Citizens of El Cajon, CA

Dallas, TX (April 17, 2019) The City of El Cajon provides their residents with an improved City Council meeting viewing experience via Swagit Productions and their EASE™ streaming solution.

“The City of El Cajon had an existing video streaming product that was not meeting our needs,” said Sara Diaz, Director of Information Technology for El Cajon.  “The system had a high failure rate and our staff had to spend a lot of time on the phone with their support trying to get the system functional and videos uploaded from our personal copies.

“We made the move to Swagit and our experience has been night and day.  The system works consistently.  It was quick to set up and our calls to support have been minimal.  As a full-service provider, they email us letting us know that they are aware of our meeting and someone will be there to monitor it in case there are any issues.  We also like the simple admin portal that works with our Destiny Software AgendaQuick, to load agendas and schedule meetings.

“Council meetings can be stressful; we didn’t need the extra stress of wondering if our streaming solution would work or not.  Moving to Swagit has taken that worry off of our shoulders, letting us concentrate on the meeting,” continued Diaz.

“It is rewarding that our solutions directly impact and improve a jurisdiction’s processes and efficiency without adding additional workload for their teams,” said Russell Towers, Swagit Account Manager, adding, “Sara and the City of El Cajon continue to be a pleasure to work with.”

El Cajon broadcasts their City Council meetings live on their City website. Afterwards, the meeting videos are available for on-demand viewing. Both live and on-demand meeting videos can be viewed at https://www.cityofelcajon.us/your-government/videostreaming.

The on-demand videos include indexed meeting agendas – making it easy for viewers to choose which agenda items they wish to watch, and then jump directly to that particular point within the video. The meeting video player also includes a “Share” tab which provides a shareable link to any specific point in a meeting video.