Swagit Productions, LLC TIPS Contract

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)

Efficient, Effective & Economical

Swagit Productions, LLC, has been awarded a 50 state procurement contract:

  • Digital Recording and/or Video Production – Contract 160901

“Purchasing Made Personal”

  • Purchasing procedures ensure competitive contracts
  • Competitive price solicitation and bulk purchasing benefits
  • Quick and efficient delivery of goods and services by contracting with high performance vendors
  • Equalize purchasing powers for smaller entities that are not able to command best contract pricing
  • Provide opportunities for greater efficiency and economy in acquiring goods and services
  • Assist entities in maintaining the controls for budget and accounting services
  • Maintain credibility and confidence in business procedures by maintaining open competition for purchases and by complying with purchasing laws and ethical business practices

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Swagit on TIPS

No Fee for TIPS Membership

  1. Go to www.tips-usa.com
  2. Select “Members” then “Membership” and
    choose from the list of states shown
  3. Download, complete and submit 2 easy forms

For more information about the TIPS program, please contact tips@tips-usa.com or call 866.839.8477.

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)