Captioning for streaming media is the method of displaying a text version overlay for the spoken words within a video. It helps viewers who may be deaf or who have reduced hearing.

Federal agencies, contractors and employers should be acutely aware that their live streaming and broadcast events must now be captioned for accessibility, as mandated by recent updates to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, plus changes to state laws that now require accessibility for federally-funded organizations such as colleges, universities, and research facilities. Even when Section 508 doesn’t apply, many non-federal websites and their video content must still be accessible under other laws such as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Swagit can help meet your accessibility obligations with captioning for live streaming and broadcast events. Whether for your one-off events or longer-term fixed placements, Swagit can provide hands-free support with compliant turnkey live video services.


  • Meets FCC mandated ADA requirements for closed captioning
  • Hands-free captioning service
  • Live and/or on-demand
  • Multiple captioning options
  • Visible on mobile devices
  • Captioning for TV broadcast
  • Captioning of archival video
  • Dedicated staff to exceed expectations

Closed Captioning

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