AT&T U-Verse® Compatibility

Many Public Access, Educational and Government (PEG) channels now have the opportunity to reach a new group of broadcast subscribers via AT&T U-Verse TV service. To reach these subscribers, U-Verse requires a 480×480 pixel Windows Media VC-1 stream at 1.25Mbs. Our EASE encoder is not only capable of creating a live U-Verse compatible stream, but it can also simultaneously encode a video stream, of your choosing (i.e. Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime, Real, etc.), for Internet distribution.

ATT-U-verse-logoAT&T U-Verse and Swagit Productions, LLC both have headquarters located within the Dallas, Texas area. This allows the two companies to work together seamlessly for the betterment of government transparency. The partnership combined with Swagit’s ‘hands-free’ streaming solutions, help increase accessibility of government programming. Additionally, adding another form of distribution for content using a single solution not only saves money, but makes things easy.

The City of Allen was able to deploy their content to AT&T U-Verse TV by leveraging their existing partnership with Swagit. “We have been using Swagit for online video on-demand service since 2004 and have been very happy not only with the integrity of the product, but also with the quality of customer service,” said ACTV Executive Producer Mark Kaufmann. “With the recent addition of Live streaming services, the opportunity opened to connect to AT&T’s U-Verse TV network. We knew it was the right decision as we are constantly trying to find creative, cost-effective ways to reach more viewers.”

PEG Specifications

AT&T has identified Swagit’s EASE Encoder as compatible with AT&T’s U-Verse PEG platform and/or known to be in use by PEG programming providers for the purpose of delivering PEG programming to AT&T’s network. For further information please review AT&T’s PEG specifications documents.