Swagit is EASETM

The Extensible Automated Streaming Engine [EASE™] is a hands-free webcast system for streaming public meetings live, then archiving for on demand. The EASE™ software framework is comprised of foundation and extension modules that work together to automate many otherwise manually intensive tasks.

Videos can first be streamed live, then are automatically transferred to Swagit’s Managed Services Division where they are time stamped and integrated with the meeting’s written agenda before being published to the archives at the jurisdictions website — without requiring additional staff or creating additional work for current employees.

Want to see EASETM in action?


EASETM phases-out 100% of the labor required when streaming professional videos for public meetings.

EASE advanced features include:

  • Open API- Integration with Agenda Management Solutions
  • Archiving by Metadata and Sound Search
  • Hands-free Indexing and Cross Linking
  • AT&T U-verse Integration

EASE™ videos can be viewed on computer as well as smart phones, tablets or any mobile device capable of streaming video playback.

Archived videos are listed chronologically, along with the ability to be searched by keyword metadata or by Sound Search within the indexed archives.

Viewers can pause, fast-forward and rewind — as well as jump directly to any of the multiple marked index points within the archived recording.

Swagit’s flagship product, EASE™ is continuously updated and adapted to advancing technology. It evolves with your organization and continuously meets and exceeds the streaming media needs of government.

Additional EASE features include