Whether you’re a traditional TV broadcaster and plan to manage scheduling of your own station, or if you want to outsource scheduling and playback requests to Swagit: Playback365, our All-In-One Channel Management Solution can provide your jurisdiction with the ultimate flexibility.

Swagit Playback Device – HD/SD Management

Type: Mini-Mobile

  • An all in one “broadcast-in-a-box” solution.
  • Video Playback – Block scheduling designed to eliminate repetitious scheduling tasks.
  • Fully Featured, Dynamic Bulletin Board– Create full info-screens that incorporate real-time weather, traffic, or RSS data. Use images, video, flash, web-elements and more to design eye-catching content, or let us do it for you.
  • Embed YouTube, Twitter and Facebook feeds, RSS Tickers, and Emergency Alert Information, all updated in real time.
  • SD and HD ready.
  • Capture live video from multiple sources and switch between them on your schedule. Ingest sources can be Analog Composite, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, or HDMI.
  • Encode and store captured video.
  • Manage, store, design and schedule your content from any web-browser using the easy to use web-control interface, accessible on PC, Mac, Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Content, schedules and designs are stored locally and in the cloud to ensure you never lose your playback content.
  • Lower-Thirds, Bugs, Crawls are pre-designed and ready to go out of the box to immediately give your channel a professional look and feel.