Feel Free to contact us concerning any service or package. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best answer to any of your questions.

Beyond our proactive monitoring and response, Swagit offers ongoing, 24/7 technical support for any issues our clients may encounter.

While our choice of quality hardware vendors and a thorough pre-installation testing phase go a long way toward ensuring trouble free operation of our EASE Encoders, we do recognize that occasionally unforeseen issues arise. In the event that our engineers detect a fault, they will work to diagnose the issue. If necessary, next business day replacement of parts will be completed.

Swagit offers continual software updates and feature enhancements to our services and products for the life of your managed services contract.

Our Address

Swagit Productions, LLC
P.O. Box 251002
Plano, TX 75025-1002

Contact By Phone

Main Office: 214-432-5905
Toll Free: 1-800-573-3160
Fax: 214-750-9513


Monitoring and Statistics

Swagit is constantly monitoring all aspects of the Swagit Content Network to ensure its health and availability. This monitoring extends to cover remote Swagit EASE Encoders deployed on client premises. In the rare event of trouble our engineers are promptly notified so that they may dispatch a swift response in accordance with our support procedures.

Swagit collates log files from our streaming servers monthly and processes them with the industry recognized Google Analytics. Google Analytics generates reports ranging from high-level, executive overviews to in depth quality of service statistics. These reports help to highlight growth trends and identify popular content.

AT&T U-Verse® Compatibility

Many Public Access, Educational and Government (PEG) channels now have the opportunity to reach a new group of broadcast subscribers via AT&T U-Verse TV service. To reach these subscribers, U-Verse requires a 480×480 pixel Windows Media VC-1 stream at 1.25Mbs. Our EASE encoder is not only capable of creating a live U-Verse compatible stream, but it can also simultaneously encode a video stream, of your choosing (i.e. Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime, Real, etc.), for Internet distribution.